Manually transcribing your audio and video can feel a whole lot like a cruel punishment. (“I’ll take the boulder if Sisyphus can handle the captions on this 40-minute video.”)
You could get someone else to do it, but it’ll cost a pretty penny and take just as long to complete.
Luckily, there’s an AI-powered platform that automatically generates transcripts and subtitles from your audio or video, making your content way more accessible.
Meet Amberscript.

About Amberscript :
– Get instant, highly-accurate transcript drafts that you can edit and export into multiple text and subtitle file formats
– Use the online editor to highlight parts of transcriptions, change content, find and replace words, rename speakers, and more
– Best for: Marketers, producers, journalists, and creators that need quality transcriptions and subtitles for audio and video

The days of manually transcribing your audio are over. (The caption here would probably read, “[applause and happy marketer sounds].”)
If you want to leverage your audio and video content across channels, Amberscript makes it a cinch to transcribe your recordings and add subtitles for accessibility.
Ready to open your content up to exciting new audiences?
Get lifetime access to Amberscript today!

Get lifetime access to Amberscript today!